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While Traffic Ladder’s 8 step SEO process of improving organic results requires technical knowledge, we pride ourselves in providing a simplified explanation and communicate in a transparent manner through every step of the way. Providing SEO Services is a process that we educate our clients about as we are doing it, explaining and thoroughly answering any and all questions that arise.

Planning, Writing, & Editing

Proper copywriting requires focus, creativity, and following an orderly process.

Open-Source Technologies

Unique code facilitated by open source technologies adds value to your company.

Consultation & Training

In person, phone, or video conference tech support and training.

Web Standards Compliance

Following best practice guidelines provides the order needed for a high-ranking site.

SEO Hosting

SEO friendly speed, connectivity, and accessibility on a secure server.

Website Maintenance

High level SEO techniques and timely attention boost ranking with this essential program.

The Research and Planning Stage of SEO Services

An SEO audit scans your website and creates a report we can use to identify areas of improvement. In the next step, we meet face to face at our location or at your place of business in order to analyze your current business, how to improve it, and uncover new opportunities. Keyword Research is an essential and often overlooked step in the process of building an SEO Website. We understand the clear-cut importance of doing the research. An SEO marketing strategy is created to improve your business based on our findings.

The Execution Stage of SEO Services

Web Development is the most technical step in the process. If you have any questions about Web Development, please ask. We will provide honest, well explained answers that get to the root of your question. Copywriting and content creation define and bring the website to life. The next step covers On Page and Off Page Fundamentals. On Page SEO basics include having all markup, tags, and metadata up to standard. Off Page SEO involves Google Search Console implementation, signing up to directory websites, and making sure they link back to your website. The last step is where we launch your SEO website. Once your site is up, we have to wait to see the position on where you settle based on our original goals before making additional improvements. SEO maintenance is an additional service that kicks in 2-3 months once our original work is completed.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Traffic Ladder SEO Services 8 Step Process

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