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Step 6 - Copywriting

well written and fine-tuned SEO content results in high rankings

SEO Copywriting is a challenging and time-consuming element of our 8-step process. At Traffic Ladder SEO, our goal is to create and maintain the best written website in your specific niche and market. Niche websites with well written targeted content are always among the highest ranking on search engine results. Ranking highly will come hand in hand with clearly written and fine-tuned SEO content that is easy to read on a quality website. Readability matters, so you must communicate clearly so the audience both enjoys and understands what is written. Constantly tweaking an already quality text to the specific demands of search engines will nearly always satisfy the ever-changing algorithms.

Intent determines writing style for SEO content

Which type of intent you want to attract determines the copywriting style and purpose of your articles. Effective SEO copywriting always informs, amuses, and persuades the reader. Your story is meant to create a clear connection with a focused reader so that they get to know your business and how your products or services create a positive impact on their lives.

Informational Intent

When someone wants to learn about a topic, watch a "how to" video, or answer a question.

Navigational Intent

For finding a specific web address that someone wants to visit.

Commercial Intent

Investigating and research of a product or service they want to buy in the near future.

Transactional Intent

When someone is searching the internet when the purpose is to buy something.

Proper Copy-Writing Requires Planning for a Great Story

Proper planning requires the writer to lay out the structure of the article and decide what questions are answered through the story. A summary outline helps keep one’s thoughts in order throughout this task. There should be a plan for keyword frequency and keyword combinations to consider SEO requirements.

Just Write about intended topic; don't worry about making mistakes

The actual writing portion of the job. This is where most people will get taken back to their school days. The best advice is: Just write. There is no need to worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sounding awkward. There is no need to worry about anything, it’s the first draft. Relax, write away and stay in the zone for as long as possible. As you write, words will become sentences and sentences will become paragraphs. Remember the importance of structure: Start each paragraph with the most important sentence, then explain or elaborate on it. Stay on topic, have fun, follow your gut, and use the information from your Marketing Plan.

Review and edit content in a critical manner

Editing is the opportunity to be critical in order to improve and finalize your first draft. Slowly read and reread your writings out loud. Fix and rephrase anything that sounds unclear or awkward. Correct; spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Run on sentences can be shortened. A review of sentence and paragraph structure should be conducted to assure the correct message is being presented in a logical manner. Seeking feedback from multiple trusted individuals will provide the perspective needed to produce a high-quality written article.

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen"

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