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Step 2 - Business Analysis

Understand your business better through SEO analysis

Analysis is the process of breaking down the components of a business into smaller parts to gain a better understanding. A thorough SEO Analysis and Business Analysis is the 2nd step in Traffic Ladder’s 8 step process. Analysis is vital to get a better understanding of what your needs are and how to improve your business. This is important because to tailor a specific strategy for your situation, we must identify the needs and determine possible solutions to the challenges facing your business. This research involves an in-depth interview and conversations to understand and determine the conditions to develop a new or altered website. We will ask questions and document your responses to help us better understand your current customers; followed up by more questions to help us identify new opportunities and economic prospects for your business. From there, we will start to implement ways to improve the function and the results of your website and business. At Traffic Ladder SEO we understand that business consists of matching up suppliers and consumers. As a supplier, the price of your product or services is determined by the interaction of supply and demand. So, the higher the “demand” (incoming customer traffic to your website) the higher you can charge for your “supply” (your product or service). We consider this a key to increasing revenue.

SEO consultants identify core business needs

It is important that our clients meet with our SEO consultants. We identify business needs and determining solutions by asking many questions. In addition to asking questions we also want to answer your questions, address your concerns, define who we are, and come to a mutual understanding. The SEO consultation helps us come up with a strategy that works best for your unique needs to expand your online presence.

Differentiate from your competitors with traffic ladder SEO

While you may be aware of who your competitors are offline, the SEO Competitor Analysis finds and evaluates competitors that you did not know existed. This analysis helps detect online competitors and exactly how they utilize SEO and how to outrank them. We can find competitors that are online so that you will have a full picture of the composition of the competition. We can decide on what factors of any given competitor you want to emulate and how you want to differentiate. Understanding this information is important because it can help develop a strategy for differentiating yourself from the crowd. Once you have strategically differentiated yourself from the group, people will be drawn to your website.

"The improvement of understanding is for two ends:
first, our own increase of knowledge;
secondly, to enable us to deliver that knowledge to others."

Business Analysis

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