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Step 4 - SEO Marketing Strategy

Attract and Connect with Targeted Customers

Our SEO marketing strategies start with the big picture, then narrow down to a more intended and targeted audience. Our plan takes a long-term approach to success and will add to business you are already generating. The work that we do for you now takes much consideration so that it will produce results for years to come. As long as the fundamentals of a sound business are in place and you're already working to build an authentic customer relationship with a sincere effort to improve the quality of their lives, then Traffic Ladder SEO’s Marketing Strategies will only add value and revenue to your business. We want to feature your brand, purposefully integrate selected keywords, and communicate your value proposition effectively with customers. Your brand is your story, and it should be told as so through your SEO Marketing Strategy. Effective storytelling will help your customer connect with your brand. We will build a website that will sell itself, so when a customer contacts you, they are ready to buy. Our overall approach to SEO marketing considers User Experience (U/X) as the guide to providing a quality services from our end. Website must be: Useful, Usable, Findable, Credible, Desirable, Accessible and Valuable.


Provides practical benefits, helps to accomplish a goal, or is fun and appealing.


Recognizable features and options that enable users to achieve their end objective.


Space on page meticulously organized so products and content within them are easy to find.


Providing trust-worthy information that is accurate and fit-for-purpose of the user’s intent.


Users fall in love with a well-designed website and brand identity.


Features such as high contrast text and speech recognition that gives access to those with disabilities.


Delivering on your promise at a price that makes it worth buying based on the quality of your solution.

SEO Marketing adds value by connecting your company with customers

At Traffic Ladder, our culture values thinking strategically when building action plans for SEO Marketing. An SEO marketing strategy is your company's game plan for reaching prospects and converting them into customers through their user experience on your website. Our SEO Marketing Strategy lays out the foundation for steps four through eight of the Traffic Ladder 8 step SEO process. Data leads the way when it comes to targeting customers. With information attained from auditing your site, analyzing your business, and conducting keyword research, we can create a strategy to build a website that gets consumers in touch with you when they search for your products or services.

"Being authentic will get you where you need and want to go, and it will be your path
to building the most meaningful and enriching connections with others."

Marketing Strategy

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