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Step 5 - Web Development

Cross-Browser & Device Testing ensure website optimization

Customers visiting your website on Chrome may have a different user experience than ones from Safari or Firefox. Even the version of your browser can alter the intended user experience. Customers visiting your site from their phone may have a different experience then ones from a tablet or laptop. Web developers test the look and functionality of a website to produce the same intended user experience whether the customer is viewing on a different web browser is called cross-browser testing. Cross-Browser Testing should be conducted as soon a page begins development, as it is best to resolve issues as soon as they are encountered to make sure your website is responsive across browsers and devices.


Allow visitors to enter and view your website regardless of browser or device.

Page Speed

Determine factors preventing website from achieving optimum speed.

Layout Consistency

Similar look & feel; and placement of visual elements for mobile sites.

Navigation Consistency

Presentation and functionality of menus must repeat from one page to another.

Form Compatibility

The relative size and position of fields on web to lead forms.

Image Responsiveness

Automatically scale up or down to fit the size of the screen on the device.

Font Compatibility

Test for format type support regarding availability and appearance.

Text Orientation

Alignment of CSS element horizontal and vertical positions.

Innovative Web Development with Optimization Standards

Web Development is the step in our process were applied computer science and programming language come into play. At Traffic Ladder, we harness our dedicated Web Developer’s creativity and expertise while following web design standards and best practices guidelines. These are practicalities that web developers follow because they align with user’s expectations for clarity and order. Constant research, testing, and experimentation sure up any loose ends in developing a website. As we stay up to date with the latest technology trends and developments in the field of SEO, we constantly add new tools and techniques to our repertoire. We are always ready for a new challenge.

Real Web Developers use Open-Source Technologies for SEO Websites

Open Source web development technologies provide a non-restrictive environment for custom web design and development. At Traffic Ladder SEO, we highly value the freedom to maximize creativity and the effective work-flow performance capabilities that open source platforms, servers, and frameworks provide. Source code production and management of back-end infrastructure flows in an advanced and sophisticated manner. Maintaining and scaling a beautifully functional SEO website is quite easy thanks to a large community base that is open and accessible. There are many open-source technologies available on the market for custom website development. We make sure to select the best possible one to provide an optimal user experience based on your specific niche.

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